16pcs Emax Avan Rush 2.5 Inch 3 Blade Propeller Tri-Blade Props for Tinyhawk Freestyle Babyhawk R RC Drone FPV Racing MultiRotor Replacement (Transparent Gray)


Price: $11.99
(as of Mar 15,2022 02:25:18 UTC – Details)

16pcs Emax AVAN Rush 2.5 Inch 3 Blade Propeller

The Emax Avan Rush propeller 2.5×1.9×3 was designed for Babyhawk Race 2.5 inch conversion kit to maximize performance and flight time
This propeller is matched to Emax 1106 4500kv for 4s or the Emax 1106 6000kv on 3s
Smooth and powerful without being too amp hungry. It is very good for powerful motor over 1102 from 1103/1104/1105/1106/1108… etc
Perfect static balance, meaning the props will be nice to your motor bearings
Pack of 16pcs Emax AVAN Rush propellers, within 8pcs CW and 8pcs CCW