Adafruit Mini Pan-Tilt Kit – Assembled with Micro Servos


Price: $23.98
(as of Mar 11,2022 00:44:35 UTC – Details)

This fully-assembled pan-tilt kit is the perfect way to give your project full range motion with two micro servos. The pan-tilt can rotate roughly 180° from side-to-side and can tilt up&downwards around 150°. It also comes fully assembled with two Micro Servos (SG-90 or SG-92 type) included and a 38mm x 36mm space to mount a camera or sensor or whatever you like. Since the motors are plain, every-day analog servos, you can use any microcontroller or driver. They’re good for beginners who want to make stuff move and the pan-tilt is an easy way to give whatever you’re making both left-right and up-down motion. In our demo, we hooked this up with a Trinket Pro and made it do a little dance with the Arduino Servo library.
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