CNHL Black Series 1300mAh 6S Lipo Battery 22.2V 100C(Burst 200C) with XT60 for FPV Racing,RC Quadcopter Helicopter Airplane Multi-Motor Hobby DIY Parts(2 Packs)


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Product Description


About CNHL

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Stock Number1301006BK

Capacity 1300mAh

Voltage22.2V / 6-Cell / 6S1P

Discharge Rate100C Continual / 200C Burst

Charge Rate5C

MaxSize 47X35X76mm(H*W*L)

Weight 230g (Including wire and connector)Output


Balance ConnectorJST / XH



Brand: CNHL

Capacity: 1300mAh

Voltage(V): 22.2V

Discharge Rate(C): 100C

Configuration: 6S1P

Connector Type: XT60 Plug

Dimension: 47*35*76mm/1.85*1.37*2.99inch(H*W*L)

Approx Weight: 230g/8.11oz


Application Scenarios

CNHL 1300mAh 6s lipo battery fit for FPV Drone Skylark m4-fpv250,Mini Shredder 200,Indy250 plus mojo 280,Qav250, Vortex and Emax nighthawk 250, Nemesis 240 Mini, HOVERSHIP MHQ2 (270), ZMR 250, Mini H, QAV250, QAV180 /210, Danaus, Vortex 285, FLIP FPV FRAME, HOVERSHIP MHQ2, etc..

Notice: For the RC battery, only if the voltage and the plug match, then it will fit.









Package Content

What you get:

2 x CNHL 22.2V 100C 1300mAh 6S Lipo Battery for Vortex LRC Freestyle V1 RC Boat Heli Airplane UAV Drone FPV

2x User Box

Solid XT60 Plug

CNHL 1300mah 6s LiPo batteries come with XT60 Plug and JST-XH Connecto r.

XT60 Plug have been the top choice for the discerning R/C enthusiast.

Safe Charge Rate

The safest charge rate for lipo batteries is 0.5C-1C . Most LiPo batteries need to be charged rather slowly, compared to NiMH or NiCd batteries.

NEVER L eave a Battery Charging Unattended!

Charge Notice

Please use Professional lipo battery charger.

Check each cell voltage before charging or using.

NEVER Over-charge or Dis-overchargelipo battery.


For the RC battery, only if the voltage and the plug match, then it will fit.Don’t over charge exceed 4.2V and don’t over discharge below 3.2V.Check the battery condition carefully before using or charging.If the new battery won’t hold a full charge or loss the charge very quickly in short time, please use Balance Charger to charge and recycle several times first.

22.2V 14.8V 14.8V 22.2V 14.8V

Discharge Rate(C)
100C 100C 100C 100C 100C

1300mAh 1100mAh 1500mAh 1100mAh 1300mAh

76*35*47 76*34*30 75*35*37 75*35*39.5 74*34*33.5

XT60 XT60 XT60 XT60 XT60

【CNHL 6S Lipo Battery Advantage】- CNHL 6S lipo battery is designed with high powerful performace with a discharge rate 100C(Burst 200C).Fast charge capability discharge high voltage instantly, long cycle life, up to 200Wh/kg energy density.
【CNHL 6S Lipo Battery Specification】-Material: Lithium polymer; Battery voltage: V; Configuration: 6S; Cell voltage: 3.7~4.2V; Capacity: 1300mAh; Discharge: 100C; Plug: XT60;Dimension is 1.88*1.37*2.99inch;Approx Weight: 8.11oz.
【Application】 – FPV Quadcopter, Danaus, Vortex, FLIP FPV 250S MINI, Nemesis 240 Mini, Tweaker 180 Micro Quad, LRC Freestyle V1(270-296)FLIP FPV 260H MINI, drone and FPV. (Only if the voltage, dimension and the plug match, then it will fit)
【NOTE】- Built-in protection mechanism ensures safe charging and use. Never leave battery unattended when charging. Don’t overcharge more than 4.2V and don’t over discharge below 3.2V. Check carefully the battery condition before using or charging. Don’t over charge more than 4.2V and don’t over discharge below 3.2V. Stop charging once the battery is fully charged. Do not charge the battery unattended.
【What you get】-2 Packs CNHL 22.2V 100C 1300mAh Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug. (Warning: This product is only suitable for adults over 18 years old.)