EMAX AVAN S FPV PURPLE OEM Propellers 1 set – 2 CW + 2 CCW Quad FPV Drone


Price: $1.99
(as of Mar 16,2022 17:40:30 UTC – Details)

This listing is for a total of 4 propellers. 2CC+2CCW propellers. The Avan-S propeller is a dual blade designed for top speed with high rpm set ups. This propeller is designed to match the power curve of the Emax 2306 2750kv motor. The Avan-S has a design advance ratio of .75 with a 4.2 inch pitch at 75% of radius. The Avan-S has a weight of 4 g and a moment of inertia of 25 g/cm^2. The Avan-S uses airfoils capable of achieving higher lift coefficients at lower angles of attack to achieve more speed with less blade angle necessary. The Avan-S has a design point of 110 mph at 30000 rpm at 80 degree flight angle. This is close to a full throttle design with lighter aircraft being able to go faster. Expect to push well past 100 mph just on 4s. Countless hours of R&D were implemented on genuine AVAN propellers to take advantage of the RS2306 (and most modern 22xx and 23xx motors) full potential. Use of non-genuine (copied or cloned) propeller is NOT RECOMMENDED and will yield poor performance.
Blades profiles are optimized at key point along the length of the blade maximize lift coefficients.
Linear throttle response – predictable response of propeller action throughout the entire throttle band.
High grade poly carbonate for propeller and stiffness.
Optimized design to match motor performance curves of the RS2306 series of brushless motors and similar performing motors in its class.
Exclusive locking design in propeller hub to match with RS2306 and RS2205 motors to lessen prop loosening during flight.