Flysight Black Pearl Diversity Monitor RC801 FPV Monitor with DVR HDMI in 5.8Ghz 40CH 7inch FPV Screen Receiver Built in Battery with Sunshade Hood for RC Racing Drone DJI Phantom Airplane (SMA ANT)


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Product Description


FlySight Black Pearl RC801 FPV Monitor 7″ HD 40Channel 5.8 GHz Diversity Monitor with Racing Band for RC Racing Drone DJI phantom

This is the updated DVR version of the Flysight Black Pearl FPV monitor. You can easily see what is going on thanks to a high resolution 7 inch (1024 x 600 resolution) FPV Monitor with a built-in 5.8 GHz Diversity Receiver. The Diversity Receiver on this Flysight Monitor automatically detects which antenna is getting the best signal to vie you the best possible FPV reception. This Black Pearl monitor is ideal for those who want a FPV system that is quick to setup and easy to transport. Because the battery of the FlySight monitor is built-in, you do not need to worry about lots of wires or batteries to power each individual part. You can also still use black pearl monitor with some goggles via the video output port.

Note: The sun shield also now comes attached to the monitor so you can spend less time setting up, and more time flying!


High sensitivity diversity receivers for the best possible receptionAnti-reflective matte screen makes this monitor easier to use on bright daysInlcudes a built-in batterySupports DVRHigh resolution screen (1024x600px) that is very bright (300cd/m^2)Includes a rigid plastic sun hoodNo blue screenSupports Airwave and NextWave transmitters and many others on 5.8Ghz due to the 32Channel diversity receiver.Supports image rotation.HDMI 1.3 digital input por

Antenna connector: SMA type (device with inner hole, antenna with inner pin)

5.8GHz FPV Diversity Monitor Black Pearl RC801 with 7 inch 1024*600 LCD Screen


All-in-One Diversity monitor makes everything simple and easy

Flysight Black Pearl RC801, which is a kind of 5.8GHz 40channel FPV diversity receiver monitor with 7 inch 1024*600 LCD Screen,is uniquely designed with useful features as below described in Highlights for FPV applications,such as ground station for different drones like DJI phantoms,all race drones,and taking filming etc. How simple diversity works?Equipped with two antennas, constantly switching back and fourth between left and right antenna and choosing the best signal for your footage.Fully support next-wave and air-wave VTX and many other 5.8GHz transmitters due to 40channels.It is a great monitor/receiver for the DJI Phantoms. The dual receiver auto-switches to the antenna with the strongest signal or you could put two cameras on the drone.


Screen size:7”Resolution: 1024 x 600Brightness: 300cd/m2Contrast: 700:1Receiver Frequency : ISM 5.8Ghz -90dBMDiversity: YesVideo Standard: NSTC/PAL (automatic switching)AV In: Video, stereo audio outputHDMI inputPower Supply: 7 ~28V (suggested to use 3S lipo battery (1000mah) with JST connector

5.8GHz FPV Diversity Monitor Black Pearl RC801


How Diversity Monitor Work :

The built-in 5.8 GHz Diversity receiver will always ensure you get the best video signal and allows you to use two different antennas. The other great feature is the integrated battery so you do not need to carry extra batteries just for your monitor.

This monitor is compatible with the 5.8 GHz transmitters we sell. If you are unsure that your transmitter is compatible with this monitor, please make sure that the channel frequencies on your transmitter match a channel on the receiver (see table below). This monitor is also compatible with Fatshark and ImmersionRC gear.

[Review]The updated 40 channel diversity receiver is a great improvement for an already great product. I purchased the Black Pearl Model RC801 based on overhelming positive feedback and reviews. The quality and performance I’ve experienced is on par with what others have reported. That shows me they are consistent which quality manufacturers, if anything, should be. Couldn’t be happier. Screen resolution is phenomenal, the diversity receiver works exceptionally well, and the unit is solid, well made and well built. It’s been perfect for my FPV hobby. Also a very great product The horizontal flip saved me when my HDMI cables were too short.Works well with PAL/NTSC camera and transmitter.


1 x 7″FPV Receiver Monitor1 x 1.1V/1100 mAh Li-Po battery2 x 5.8G Antenna2 x AV cables1 x JST DC input cable1 x JST DC output cable1 x Foldable Sun Hood Shade1 x 12V 2A Power Charger


Flysight Black Pearl RC801 FPV Diversity LCD Monitor 5.8Ghz 40CH Wireless Dual DVR Screen Monitor with HDMI In

11 Excellent Monitor

I’m using this with our production cameras and, when needed, connected to the ST16 controller for the Yuneec H. Easy to see in the sunlight, with the sunshade. The colors are good. Lots of inputs and outputs which makes it very versatile. The portability with the battery is the icing on the cake. We’ll be ordering several more.

Standard Thread Size Multiple Working Mode Video Image

FPV Diversity Monitor Black Pearl RC801

All-in-one Compact Unit ideal for the serious FPV flyers

Runs with a resolution of 1024 x 600 with a contrast of 700:1 to give you a bright high quality display, an integrated 1000mAh battery, support for connections to HDMI ,it can also receive two channels at once for better signal reception, and automatically selects the strongest signals for the best on-screen image possible.

With support for up to 7 channels over 5.8Ghz.,it is compatible with Fatshark, Boscam Eachine ,DJI TX and son on.

5.8GHz Wireless Diversity Receivers HDMI in and DVR 7inch HD LCD Matte Screen Monitor Built-in 3S Li-Po Battery Pack A Fold-able Efficient Rigid Sun Hood 5 modes supported: Diversity/RX1/RX2/AV IN//HDMI mode (Video Transmitter is Required) Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual diversity receiver automatically for best reception ,not affect by 2.4GHz R/C Radios

Flysight Black Pearl RC801,5.8GHz Entertainment -FPV-Photography-Camera-Filming







Be used in Camera

The Black Pearl RC801 which can use camera , when we take the photography ,it can appear on the RC801 screen ,we can check the pic good or not . No “blue screen

Flysight Black Pearl RC801,5.8GHz

Diversity high resolution display monitor with foldable sun hood,makes signal reception and video display easily and directly, which also helps a lot on photography and filming in FPV and ent- ertainment fields

Enjoy Your Outdoor Flight

With your important safety assistant Black Pearl RC801,you can not only receive the OSD data to keep your drone safe,but also get many amazing images from your drone on the screen

Flysight Black Pearl 7″ FPV LCD HD DVR Monitor with Built in Diversity Receiver 40Channel 5.8Ghz with HDMI IN


Why a great choice for FPV pilots ?

If you are looking for an ideal monitor for First Person View or aerial photography, then the Flysight Black Pearl 7″ LCD monitor is for you, it has been designed especially for FPV / First person View and outdoor users. The screen has twin 5.8 Ghz receivers built in which offer “diversity”, which means that the receiver with the stronger signal will be active, if the screen needs to switch back over to the other receiver you will not see any drop in picture, the only way of knowing that the screen has jumped from one receiver to the other is by the small blue LED in the top of the screen indicating which receiver is in use. The monitor will not be effected by the 2.4 Ghz RC radio controller as the systems operate on different frequencies.

The Flysight Black Pearl monitor has a very bright & clear image (adjustable brightness) and uses its own built in battery to power the screen when you are at the flight field. The monitor is supplied with a wall charger to charge the internal battery, without the need to remove the battery from the back of the screen.

One of the most important features for a monitor used for FPV / First Person View use is that there is no “blue screen”, if the signal becomes weak or interrupted for short periods of time, the Flysight screen will not go to a blue screen, this give warning that you are running out of the range of the video link when the limits of your FPV setup are tested. This feature means that you are able to fly much further and never lose the image to the blue screen.

Enjoy your flying well from now on 🙂

【FPV Performance】:Flysight Black Pearl RC801 FPV diversity monitor 5.8Ghz screen built-in high sensitivity multi-channel diversity receivers,which is currently unprecedented;Compatible with most VTX,no “ blue screen” when the signal gets weak,it is compatible with DJI phantoms and Inspire. You can also still use black pearl monitor with some goggles via the video output port.
【High Quality Display】: 7inch HD LCD matte screen monitor high resolution 1024*600 with with a contrast of 700:1 to give you a bright high quality display ,along with an AV input, the Black Pearl Monitor also features an HDMI input that accepts signals up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz. The monitor scales horizontally and vertically and has a zoom function.
【Comfortable Outside Using 】: A fold-able efficient rigid sun hood, easy setup,easy to open it for outsoodr using even if on very bright day ,it makes you see screen clearly; With integrated 11.1V/1000mAh removable and rechargeable Li-Po battery,you don’t need to worry about lots of wires or batteries to power each individual part.  All-In-One compact unit ideal for the serious FPV flyers.
【5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver】: The built-in 5.8Ghz Diversity receiver of Flysight Black Pearl FPV monitor will always ensure you get the best video signal and also allows you to use two different antennas,not affected by 2.4Ghz R/C Radios .You can also setup the monitor to receive 2 different channels at the same time.The FlySight 7″ Black Pearl Diversity Monitor with integrated battery is a great choice for FPV pilots.
【Integrated Built-in DVR 】: Record FPV footage with the integrated built in DVR,In outdoor flight, your drone is flying fast as a bird in the sky. You need keep an eye on it to assure its safely. Flysight Black Pearl can receive OSD data on its screen for you, which helps a lot!