Hoodman HDLP8 Drone Landing Pad Launch Accessory 8 Foot Diameter Fits DJI Matrice Alta Size Larger RC Quadcopter


Price: $354.60
(as of Mar 10,2022 19:28:12 UTC – Details)

The Hoodman HDLP8 Drone Landing Pad is a great accessory investment for your DJI Matrice Alta and larger RC Quadcopter adventure video endeavors. A Hoodman launch pad will keep your lens clean throughout takeoff and landing. Nothing worse than mowing the lawn with your rotors. Your launch pad will protect your rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes. Your first sandy beach takeoff and landing will pull sand through your motor bearings and blast your lens and gimbal with sand. Deploy the Hoodman landing/launch pad in seconds as it springs out of its compact 27 inch carry bag. No need to carry a hammer and stakes to keep your pad in place; Hoodman launch pads have weighted perimeters and stay put on the windiest of days. Safely and clearly mark your next takeoff and landing area with a Hoodman launch pad. Hoodman has been a trusted name in rugged, drone, camera and video accessories for over 33 years and offers a 1 year warranty: free from manufacturing defects.
Easy set up springs into shape when released from 27 inch carry bag
21 pound zinc coated perimeter cable keeps drone launch pad in place without stakes
Keeps your camera lens clean during launch and landing
Protects rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes
Rustproof components clean up with a wet towel