Hooshion Propeller Guard for DJI Mavic Air 2s Propeller Protective Ring, Detachable Propeller Protector, Drone Accessories Set is Suitable for DJI Mavic Air 2/Mavic Air 2s


Price: $21.99 - $20.89
(as of Mar 11,2022 08:09:50 UTC – Details)

【Compatibility】A Durable Propeller Shield Specially Designed For Dji Air 2s / Mavic Air 2 Drones.
【Propeller Anti-Collision Ring】This Propeller Protective Cover Adopts A Semi-Closed Protection Ring Design, Which Effectively Protects The Blades From Impact, Isolates The Propeller To A Greater Extent, And Prevents The Propeller From Harming People Or Objects.
【Lightweight Propeller】The Propeller Protective Cover Is Light In Weight And Durable. The Propeller Provides Air 2/Air 2s With Quieter Flight And Powerful And Stable Power.
【Landing Protection】While Protecting The Propeller, The Propeller Shield Effectively Enhances The Adaptability Of The Uav To The Ground During Take-Off And Landing. Helps Reduce The Risk Of Damage Or Injury To The Propeller.
【High-Quality Materials】 Propeller Guard Uses New High-Toughness Materials, Which Are Resistant To Impact And Pressure, And Reduce Accidental Damage To The Machine Propeller.