Netac Micro SD Card 128GB MicroSDXC MicroSDHC 128GB Memory Card – for Nintendo-Switch, 100MB/s, 4K Video Recording, Action Camera, Wyze, GoPro, Dash Cam, Security Camera UHS-I,667X, U3, C10, V30, A1


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Product Description


Netac Technology Co., Ltd. ( Stock Code 300042)

Netac Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 1999, with the headquarter located in Shenzhen. Netac is the inventor of flash drive as well as the product and solution provider of global flash memory application. At present, Netac Techology (Hong Kong) Limited and Leapro Technology Co., Ltd. are two fully subsidiary companies of Netac Technology Co., Ltd.

Netac has its own manufacturing plant with an area of 6000㎡, and is able to deliver excellent solutions quickly with advanced production equipment, strict testing process, perfect supply chains and high-tech R&D team, providing high quality products and services for customers.

Focusing on intellectual property and independent innovation, Netac has developed a series of other core technologies and patents centering on flash memory application and mobile storage fields. Until Dec.31th 2018, a total of 327 patents and patent applications have been filed by Netac with 304 patents authorized, which are distributed in China, USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong of China and many other countries and regions all over the world.

netac microsd cardnetac microsd card

Q & A

SD card can’t read and need to reformat.

Please check the card surface and gold fingers for damage or scratches. If not, try another device or card reader to test for compatibility issues.

The device prompts that SD card is damaged and needs formatting:

Insert SD card into the card reader. After receiving USB from the computer, the computer prompts formatting and clicks Cancel. Then check the properties. Use Tools-Start Check in the properties directly, and find that the disk error cannot be checked.Click “start menu”-“operation”-chkdsk H on the computer: /F (H: is the letter of your SD card/f is the repair parameter.)When the repair process is completed, the DOS window will automatically close.After the repair process is completed, check the properties of micro SD card, it should be normal.

The SD card I bought is not compatible with the device.

Check it is Micro sd card slot or sd card slot.Check the maximum capacity supported by the device to determine whether it is compatible both with fat32 and exfat.


When the new MicroSD card is used for the first time on the driving recorder, it will prompt to format or initialize the memory card, which is normal that the recorder will generate a series of folders and system files according to its own system.

Abnormal recording process (high current, voltage) sometimes prompts to format. If there is no important file content, click formatting to continue normal recording.



hd video support

hd video support

a1, app read speed

a1, app read speed

Transfer Speeds of up to 100MB/s

Record and Play in 4K & FHD

A1-rated Performance

huge storage

huge storage



Unlock more versatility

Unlock more versatility

Small Size, multi-storage supports

Extended compatibility

Mlti-storage to choose


Read Speed
90MB/s 90MB/s 100MB/s 100MB/s 100MB/s 100MB/s

600X 600X

U1 U1

Class 10

Full HD Video
V10 V10 V30 V30 V30 V30


File System


Form Factor
microSDHC microSDHC microSDXC microSDXC microSDXC microSDXC

Compatible with devices own either Micro SD Card Slot or SD Card Slot (using with adapter), such as Security camera, Fire tablet 7, Computer, CCTV, Surveillance camera and etc.
Higher speed up to 100 MB/s read and 30 MB/s write for 4K and FHD video recordings, video speed class 30 ( V30 )
High endurance, waterproof, temperature resistant, X-ray proof and anti-magnetic
Operating temperature for -25°-85°, Storage temperature( non-operating ) for -40°-85°
Due to different capacity algorithms and partial capacity are used for system files, management and performance optimization, so the actual available capacity may be less than the identifying capacity