O’woda FPV Carbon Fiber Propeller, 3-Blade CW&CCW Props, Noise Reduction Quick Release Paddle for DJI FPV Drone Accessories (2 Pairs)


Price: $33.99
(as of Mar 10,2022 12:14:23 UTC – Details)

Because the propeller is processed by a mold, there is a slight difference in the weight of the two blades after forming, so the back of the propeller is polished to correct the static balance. For this reason, a polishing mark will be left on the propeller. In addition, when the hole is punched, the propeller will be clamped by the clamp, and some small flaws or scratches will be left during the processing. These conditions are normal and do not affect the performance of the propeller and the flight. if you mind, please think twice before buying.

1.Full carbon fiber, light weight, low noise flying. Perfectly compatible for DJI DJI FPV Drone.
2.Made of high strength and toughness carbon fiber, 3K surface treatment, with updated unique shape for lowering the drone flight noise.
3.Updated unique shape, the overall noise decreased by 4 Db, reduce noise by about 65%.
4.Protect your rotor blades: Protect your rotor blades,without disrupting the DJI FPV flight performance, durable and easy to use; higher tension, easy to install.
5.Classic quick release design, squeeze the blades toward the fuselage, then rotate clockwise.
6.The propellers adopt a brand new aerodynamic design, reduce flight noise, extended flight time. Flight smoother and immediately respond to your instructions,reach wherever you want.

Material: carbon fiber
Net weight: 24g (2 pairs)

Packing List
Carbon fiber propeller × 2 (pair)

【Noise Reduction】✦Full carbon fiber, light weight, low noise, and perfect compatibility with DJI FPV Drone. Made of high-strength and tough carbon fiber, after 3K surface treatment, it has a unique updated shape that can reduce the flying noise of the drone. The use of carbon fiber propellers in conjunction with FPV drones reduces the overall noise by 4 Db, which can reduce noise power by 65% and extend the endurance to 40 minutes.
【Foldable and Quick Release】✦The folding design has higher tension, quick release, mass balance of each blade, better balance, correspondingly faster and quieter flight and easier to carry and store.
【Easy to Install and Remove】✦This 5328S blade adopts a pressure-removal design, which can be quickly installed and removed without additional steps.
【Protection Rotor Blades】✦Protect your rotor blades without destroying the FPV flight performance, durable and easy to use; higher tension, easy to install, smoother flight, and immediately respond to your instructions to reach any place you want.
【Note】✦This is not an original DJI propeller, but the quality is equivalent to the original propeller. In addition, the weight of the carbon fiber propeller is slightly different after molding, it needs to be polished and polished to correct the balance, so it will leave traces after polishing (such as scratches and small gaps), but these conditions are normal. It will not affect the propeller and flight performance. If you mind, please think twice before ordering.