Pixhawk PX4 PIX 2.4.8 Flight Controller NEO-M8N GPS 3DR 915Mhz Radio Wireless Telemetry Set OSD Module PPM Module I2C Splitter Expand Module Power Module for FPV Quadcopter Multirotor …


Price: $288.88
(as of Mar 11,2022 06:02:18 UTC – Details)

PIXHAWK intergrated the newest 32 bit chip technology and sensor technology, get rid 
of the dilemma of having only 8 bit CPU of APM, and CPU occupancy being too high.

Real time operation system
14 PWM/ Servo Output
Bus interface(UART,I2C,SPI,CAN)
Intergrated back up power and lose efficacy controller, main controller lose 

Efficacy can safely alter to back up control
Providing automatic and manual mode
Providing redundant power supply input and failover
Multicolor LED light
Providing multi sound buzzer interface
Micro SD records flying data

Hardware parameters
32 bit 2M flash memory STM32F427 Cortex M4, with hardware floating point 

Processing unit
Main frequency: 168MHZ,256K RAM
32 bit STM32F103 back up processor

L3GD20 3 axis digital 16 bit gyroscope
LSM303D 3 axis 14 acceleration/magnetometer
MPU6000 6 axis acceleration/magnetometer

5 UART, one compatible high voltage, two have hardware flow control
Spektrum DSM/ DSM2/ DSM-X satellite receiver compatible input
Futaba SBUS compatible input and output
PPM signal input
RSSI(PWM or voltage) output
3.3 and 6.6VADC input
External MICRO USB interface

Package Included:( as the main picture show)
1 x Pixhawk px4 2.4.8 32 bit ARM Flight Controller with shell
1 x Safety button
1 x Shock Absorber for pix board
1 x PPM module
1 x Power Module  T-plug type
1 x Pixhawk-I2C Splitter Expand board
1 x 3DR radio Data Transmission Module(915mHZ)
1 x mini USB cable
1 x mini OSD
1 x GPS bracket
1 x SD adapter
1 X Buzzer

Noted: if you can not connect and calibrate successly, please use application: Mission Planner to connect and calibrate.
Upgraded version :from May 5, 2021, digital transmission will be upgraded from 100mw to 500mw