Radiolink AT10II 12 Channels RC Transmitter and Receiver R12DS 2.4GHz Radio Remote Controller Airplane Voltage Monitor for RC FPV Racing Drone, Quad, Helicopter, Car (Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle)


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Product Description

AT10II 12 Channel Airplane Transmitter

AT10II 12 channels transmitterAT10II 12 channels transmitter

at10 packageat10 package

radiolinkradiolink About us:

Radiolink was established in 2003. And we have registered the “RadioLink”brand in China, Europe and the United States. We are specialized in researching, developing and producing RC radio transmitters, controllers, RC receivers, GPS, drones, balance charger,etc.

We have professional R&D team, applied automatic producing and testing instrument so that we can provide high-quality, diversified and competitive technological products to our customers!

AT10II Full Features

for airplane, FPV drone, fixed wing, truck, quad and more

With DSSS&FHSS protocol, which makes AT10II with excellent anti-interference ability to all 12 channels, long range control up to 2.5 miles (4km). (Actual control distance depends on the flying environment)

Low Latency (3ms Fast Response) Real-time Flight Data Telemetry (RSSI, Voltage etc.) RSSI, Low Voltage Fail Safe Alert Setting etc. Dual/Triple Rate, EXP, EPA,Throttle Cut, Timer etc. Wired/Wireless Training, RC Simulator Support Joystick Mode Change (Left Hand to Right Hand) RC Models Selection(Glider, Helicopter, Quad, Fixed Wing etc.)

AT10II Key Functions



mixes control

mixes control



12 channels remote

12 channels remote

Real-time Information Telemetry

AT10II works with PRM-03 module and flight controller APM or Pixhawk, Mini PIX, Turbo Pix can give you real-time important information on screen, like battery voltage, speed, altitude, RSSI, flight mode, yaw, roll, pitch and distance and more.

PRM-03 sold separately: B08QMW1KRY

Programmable Mix Control

Easy to understand graph view, 5-12 channels can be programmed to any advanced setting. An Airbrake can be programmed by using pre-programmed mixes. Multi-servo elevator mixing for Flying Wings or V-Shaped tail models.

Refer to the online user manual for full details

Friendly Alarming

Low RSSI, low voltage alarm. with DD sounds and words remind on outdoor readable LCD.

Factory default TX voltage alarm is 8.6v, please go to the PARAMETER-TX-ALARM to modifyTHR POSITION WARNING just put your Throttle stick down, then re-power

Superb Ergonomically Designed

With 3 of VR switches, 3 of three-way position switches, 4 of two-way position switches, 1 of reset trainer switch. All 12 channels can be customized to any switch.

Transmitter size: 180x 95x 220mm (7.1” x 3.7” x 8.7”L*W*H) , weighs 0.95 kg (2.1 lb), can be easily to hold.

r12ds receiver

r12ds receiver







R12DS 12 Channels Receiver

Support PWM/SBUS signal output, 4.6-10V support.

Bind to Radio: press the Bind Button more than 1 second and release.Change Signal: press the Bind Button 2 times within 1 second.

Airplane Voltage Telemetry Module

Real-time airplane voltage monitor on AT10II’s screen when paired with voltage telemetry module PRM-01. Model voltage alarming value can be customized.

Package included PRM-01, if cannot find please ask support

7dBi High Gain Antenna

With 7dBi high gain antenna, cuts down interference, that’s ensure control range up to 4KM(2.5 Miles).

Lower signal noise with a channel Bandwidth of 5.0 MHz.RF power output is over 100mW for a stable response.

Wired/Wireless Training Simulator Support

Support RC simulator wired/wireless training interface feature, AT10II compatible with the majority of aircraft simulator software.

Note: Simulator sold separatelywireless training cable: B089K4DJRG

polarity protect

polarity protect

online update firmware

online update firmware

wroks with variety receivers

wroks with variety receivers

for truck heli quad airplane

for truck heli quad airplane

Voltage Protection System

AT10II with reverse polarity protection circuit, do not worry about it damage even you insert wrong polarity. JST(2pin) connector is easily adapted for various battery layouts.

Battery box dimensions: 115(L)x32(W)x30.5(H)mm (4.5’’x1.25’’x1.2’’)Batteries are not included

Support Update Firmware

AT10II radio is easily updated to latest firmware. Simply connect the transmitter to the PC with a USB cable for updating.

Find tutorial of upgrade firmware on Radiolink’s website.Not support update firmware with Mac computer

Works with Variety of Receivers

Compatible with receiver R12DS, R9DS, R6DS, R12SM, R6DSM. R12DSM and R6DSM are mini size receivers.

AT10II works with R12DS, R12DSM go to SYSTEM Menu, make sure CH-SELECT is 12CHAT10II works with R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM go to SYSTEM Menu, make sure CH-SELECT is 10CH

Adapts to Most of Types RC Models

Easy to understand user software makes quick work of changing aircraft types models: Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Multirotor, Hybrids, Cars and Boats.

Updating firmware above v1.4.1 when you cannot find the rc car and boat model options


Model Name AT10II Spread Spectrum Mode DSSS&FHSS Model Memories 15 Frequencies Band 2.4GHz ISM (2400MHz – 2483.5MHz) Operating Current 105mA Operating Voltage Range 7.4~15.0V (2S, 3S Lipos, 8*AA are acceptable) Backlight LCD Screen 320×480 Pixel, 3.5 inch outdoor readable LCD Compatibility Radiolink R12DS, R12DSM, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM receivers

12 Channels 10/12 Channels 10/12 Channels 8 Channels 8 Channels

Signal Output

Control Range
2.5 Miles 2.1 Miles 2.1 Miles 1.2 Miles 1.2 Miles

7.1*3.7*8.7 in 7.2*3.9*7.6 in 7.2*3.9*7.6 in 6.8*4*8.1 in 6.4*3.7*2.2 in

33.5 oz 31 oz 31 oz 16.6 oz 5.0 oz

AT10II/R12DS/PRM-01 AT9S Pro/R9DS/Strap AT9S Pro/R9DS/Strap T8FB/R8EF T8S/R8EF

Model Support
Glider, Airplane, Multirotor, Helicopoter, Car, Boat, Robot etc Glider, Airplane, Multirotor, Helicopoter, Car, Boat, Robot etc Glider, Airplane, Multirotor, Helicopoter, Car, Boat, Robot etc Glider, Airplane, Multirotor, Car, Boat, Robot etc Glider, Airplane, Multirotor, Car, Boat, Robot etc

Excellent Anti-interference: DSSS&FHSS communication technology and 7dBi high gain antenna make AT10II transmitter with stable transmission signal and the control range up to 2.5 miles(4km) in air. Responding latency as low as 3ms.
Features: 12 channels, Fail-safe Setting, Battery Voltage Telemetry, RSSI, Dual/Triple Rates, End Point Adjustment, Switch Customized, Reverse Polarity Protection, Multiple Battery Compatible, Channels Mix Control, etc.
User Friendly Interface: support basic menu and advance menu for different user needs. No need radio setting to bind transmitter with receivers.
Adapts to Wide Range of Airplane: compatible with receiver R12DS, R12SM, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM. 15 models storage and quicks to switch models: helicopter, quadcopter, fixed wing, glider, cars, boats.
Safety Remind: Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts, low voltage alarm, failsafe protection. DD sounds and words alarming display on the 3.5’’ LCD screen to remind when you are in noisy surroundings.