Ruko F11GIM Drones with Camera for Adults, 2-Axis Gimbal 4K EIS Camera, 2 Batteries 56Mins Flight Time,Brushless Motor, 5GHz FPV Transmission, GPS Auto Return Home, 5times Zoom No Fisheye


Price: $419.98 - $399.99
(as of Mar 12,2022 06:24:06 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Ruko F11GIM DroneRuko F11GIM Drone

Ruko F11 Gim Drone Specification

Weight:20.6 OZ

Max Flight Time:28 Mins (Charging Time: about 4.5hours)

Dimension:6.9*4.1*3.15 IN (Folding)/17.71*15.94*3.15 IN (Unfolding)

Camera:4K camera with 3-axis gimbal (2-axis mechanical gimbal plus EIS anti-shake) (Adjusted angle -80°+0°)

Photo Resolution:4K(3840 x 2160) stored in TF card

Video:4K at 30fps stored in TF card

Max Control Range:4921ft

Max FPV Transmission Range:1900-3900ft (Depends on mobile device and environment)

Max Supported TF Card:128GB (not included)

Max Height:393ft

4K camera4K camera

3-axis gimbal, smooth footage

3-axis gimbal, smooth footage

4k drone ultra clear picture and video

4k drone ultra clear picture and video

4k camera ultra clear picture and video

4k camera ultra clear picture and video

Super-smooth Footage

With 80° adjustable and 3-Axis Gimbal (2-Axis mechanical gimbal plus EIS anti-shake technology), F11GIM provides you with a wider view and creates super-smooth footage for your adventures.

Capture Picture and Video with Stunning Detail

4K/30fps video and 4K picture delivery the rich clarity and authentic color, reproducing your world with stunning details. (It’s 4K video when stored in the TF card, while it’s 2K video when stored in the phone.)

Powerful Brushless Motor

The brushless motor with stronger power ensures the excellent performance of your drone. F11 GIM can resist level 6 winds, keeps your footage stable even when flying along a windy farm.

fly stably with GPS positioning stable hovering

fly stably with GPS positioning stable hovering

FPV transmission stable

FPV transmission stable

easy to fly advanced app guide

easy to fly advanced app guide

GPS Creative Flying

Through GPS positioning function, realize your creative flight with interesting features such as Follow Me, Point of Interest, and Fly Around.

Stability Transmission

With 5G FPV Transmission, even fly as far as 3900ft, you are still able to enjoy the stabilized and clear smooth real-time view. (Please make sure the WLAN of your phone is 2.4G and 5G dual-band.)

Easy to Fly

The new Fly APP offers a simple intelligent operation and Flight Tutorial, to help you start your flying quickly and safely. It just one click to use the One-key To Return, your drone can be safe go back without complicated operation.

long fly time

long fly time

easy to find the lost drone

easy to find the lost drone

smooth flying drone

smooth flying drone

Intelligent Safe Return

The advanced safe return features make your fly safer: Automatically return when the battery is low, or when the remote control signal is lost. Convenient one-key return.

Choose a Suitable Site before Fly

Before take-off, please choose an open and unobstructed flying field and a good weather. Please make sure the flying altitude is above 65ft when flying.

Drone Calibration for Smooth Flying

After calibrating the drone, the gimbal can work more accurately, making the flight more stable and the operation easier.

Package list

what you can get for the f11 gim camera dronewhat you can get for the f11 gim camera drone

What you get:

1 x Ruko F11 Gim Drone2 x 11.1V 2500mAH Batteries(1 in the drone and 1 in the case)1 x Carrying Shell Case1 x Transmitter1 x User Manual2 x USB Cable1 x Allen wrench4 x Propeller Blades12 x Screw Notes:

Compatible Phone: support Dual-Band WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz).Ruko Drone app required device Operating System: IOS v9.0, Android v5.0 or above.Compatible charger: currency output 5V≥3A, never overcharge.It’s recommended to insert a TF card to get the 4K video; when stored in the phone, it is 2K video.The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration for this drone to fly in the US.

9.52 oz 10.8 oz 18.34 oz 18.34 oz 20.6 oz 20.6 oz

5.9*3.93*2.36 IN (Folding) 5.9*3.94*2.36 IN (Folding) 6.9*4.1*3.15 IN (Folding) 6.9*4.1*3.15 IN (Folding) 6.93*4.13*3.14 in (Folding) 6.93*4.13*3.14 in (Folding)

4k photo&2k video 4k photo&2k video 4k photo&2k video 4k photo&2.9k video 4k photo & 4k video 4k photo & 4k video

Max control range
1640ft 1640ft 3937ft 3937ft 4921ft 9800ft

Max wifi range
984ft 1640ft 1640ft 1640ft 3900ft 9800ft

Max battery life
20mins 26mins 30mins 30mins 28mins 28mins

TF Card
32GB (Not included) 32GB (Not included) 32GB (Not included) 32GB (Not included) 128GB (Not included) 128GB (Not included)

Flight condition
indoors&outdoors indoors&outdoors outdoors outdoors outdoors outdoors

2 batteries 3 batteries 1 battery 1 battery 2-Axis gimbal 3 batteries

FLY LONGER: The package came with two intelligent batteries, the impressive battery life of up to 56 minutes totally, which strong power up your family day. 5G FPV transmission distance can achieve 1900-3900ft; remote control range is as long as 4900ft.
EASY TO CARRY & FLY: It’s easy to carry the drone everywhere with the high-quality sturdy carry bag. The advanced features Brushless Motors/ Level 6 Wind Resistance/ One-key To Return, etc. make your fly easier.
SMART FLIGHT FEATURES: GPS smart features such as Gesture Shooting/ VR Mode/ Filter/ Follow Me/ Point of Interest/ Fly Around, etc. enable you to play flight games and enjoy the creative fun on the road.
HIGH-QUALITY 4K PERFORMANCE: The 4K camera is capable of 4K/30fps video and 4K pictures, offering higher-quality footable. The 2-Axis gimbal stabilization plus the EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduces blurriness at the maximum. Capture the best moments from a unique perspective.
ONE TAP TO SHARE: The improved fly app offers a simple and intuitive user experience, you can share your adventure with just one tap. Lots of instructional videos help your flight start quickly and safely.