SYMIK Retractable Landing Gear Extension for DJI Air 2S & DJI Mavic Air 2; Completely Foldable Design, Can be Left on The Drone at All Times, Even When Folded; Very Low Storage Profile; Accessories


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Aerial Photograph by D. Dau

Camera: Hasselblad, L1D-20c

Big Sur, California


A California Company

Located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, SYMIK is at the Creation and Entertainment capital of the world.

How did we get our start?

We started in 2012 as a local Hobby Shop in Southern California, selling DJI Drones and RC Helicopters…now we design our own accessories for Drones and Cameras.

What makes our products unique?

Had been a DJI dealer for over 7 years, the SYMIK team understands the needs of aerial photographers better than anyone else. Every SYMIK product is designed by our experienced product team; they are unique and cannot be found anywhere else with a different brand.

Why do we love what we do?

It’s a great feeling when a product that we worked hard on for months finally got delivered to our customers’ door, and we get to see how our customers enjoy our products.

DJI Accessories

DJI Accessories

【Please Note】Please Make Sure to firmly insert the front legs all the way untill they cannot go any further. When properly inserted, the front legs should only add about 1/16″ of height to the legs when retracted. The front landing gears may get loose during flight if not properly inserted. Also this landing gear set does NOT work together with the DJI Mavic Air 2 Propeller Guards due to similar installation mechanism; Please ignore Amazon’s Frequently bought together Recommendations
【Inspiration of Confidence】Giving your Camera Gimbal System 2 inches of ground clearance; Effectively reduce the chance of damaging the delicate camera gimbal system; Peace of mind protection for your investment; Designed with Special Lock-In Mechanism for the extended position, HOLDS FIRMLY and will STAY EXTENDED EVEN IN A ROUGH LANDING
【Completely Retractable】The landing gear CAN BE LEFT ON THE MAVIC AIR 2 AT ALL TIMES, Even when folded【Lowest Storage Profile】Lowest storage profile among competitions; Will fit in most carrying cases, bags with minor or without any modifications
【Serious Engineering】Engineered and tested to have minimum affection to signal reception; Special air vents and leg shape design reduce aerodynamic drag during flight
【Fly in Style】Cool Matte Black Finish matches the gimbal, propeller and motor head color; Landing gear curves match the style of the Mavic Air 2