TOMAT 25” Drone Landing Pad, (65cm) Universal Waterproof Drone Helipad for DJI Air 2S/Mavic Air 2/Mavic 3/DJI FPV/DJI Phantom 4 Pro/DJI Mini 2 Accessories


Price: $29.99
(as of Mar 12,2022 23:00:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description


65CM Drone Landing Pad65CM Drone Landing Pad

25Inch Drone Landing Pad

The size of this landing pad is 25*25inch. The larger size gives the drone more space for take-off and landing and can control the drone’s take-off and landing more easily, giving the drone more comprehensive protection.

The surface is made of PU material, and the interior is matched with glass fiber, which is strong and not suitable for bending.

Waterproof Landing PadWaterproof Landing Pad

Water-proof Drone Landing Pad

This drone landing pad is made of PU material, which is waterproof and easy to clean. Using clean water, the garbage and stains on the landing pad can be directly washed away, which is extremely easy to take care of.

Products include: 25*25inch apron and four soft nails.

Product InformationProduct Information

Product InformationProduct Information

Soft nails can help fix the drone apron on the ground and prevent it from being blown away by the drone.

【Moderate Weight】Compared with a 25″ apron, it fits the ground better. It contains four ground spikes, which make four corners of the drone landing pad more securely fixed on the ground, will not be blown away by the drone.
【Soft Outside and Rigid Inside】The surface of the drone landing pad pro is made of waterproof and wear-resistant PU material, and the inside is a glass fiberboard. It can be kept clean by flushing with water; high temperature and moisture resistance, long service life.
【Training Partner】The larger size of the drone apron can help you master the drone landing skills faster and safer, and the double-sided different color design can also make it easier to identify the location of the apron when the drone is automatically landing.
【Product Details】The waterproof drone helipad size: 25″ * 25″ (65cm * 65cm), foldable design, can be easily stored in a backpack after folding, convenient to carry and use.