Tucok 012S Drones with Camera for Adults 4K,60 Mins Long Flight Time,GPS 5G FPV Quadcopter for Beginners with Optical Flow Positioning,Auto Return Home,Follow Me,Waypoint Flight,Brushless Motor


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Product Description

Tucok 012S Drones with Camera for Adults 4KTucok 012S Drones with Camera for Adults 4K

5G FPV Transmission

5G FPV Transmission

drone with 4K camera with  shock absorber

drone with 4K camera with  shock absorber

Auto Return Home

Auto Return Home

5G FPV Transmission

LCD remote control support up to 4265ft(1300m) control distance, Max 2625ft(800m) FPV transmission distance.Longer image transmission distance, delivery smooth live video streaming, let you fly further and see clearer.

UHD 4K Camera with Shock Absorber

4K camera,Equipped with shock absorber,reduce blurring;stable,high definition,New sight leads to creative life.

Auto Return Home

012S drones equipped with GPS and GLONASS dual-mode global positioning system combined,the drone will Smart Return to Home free your minds of losing the drone when the battery gets low or it loses signal from the controller.Suitable for Beginner Flying.

Suitable for Beginner Flying

Suitable for Beginner Flying

Double Flight Time

Double Flight Time

brushless motor dron

brushless motor dron

Dual Positioning System

Whether you are flying indoor/outdoor drones, GPS/Glonass global positioning system and optical flow mode, air pressure altitude hold keeps 012S drones hovering stably in the air, it is the best choice for beginners, simple control, easy to fly, not afraid of loss.

Double Flight Time

2 intelligent flight battery (7.6V 2600mAh) allows you to have a double flight experience, each battery supports up to 30 minutes of flight time. Provide sufficient first flight experience for beginners, it is the best combination for beginners.Less Charging, More Flying.

Brushless Motors

The 012S drone is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, Level 5 Wind Resistance,maximum flying speed of 40km/h. Even in windy conditions, it can maintain a stable hover.

Intelligent Flight Features

Intelligent Flight Features

Waypoint Flight

Waypoint Flight

Point of Interest

Point of Interest

Intelligent Flight Features

Follow Me feature to capture you accurately, free your hands, just enjoy the beauty and landscapes through the APP,the most interesting flying experience for you and your family.

Waypoint Flight

You can create a customize fly path by taping several points and drawing a route on the map of the App, the drone will follow the path to fly as you wish automatically.

Point of Interest

012S will run around your preset point. Take a 360°shot for subject you set and help you get professional images easily, find the beauty of nature in every aspect.

012S drone WITH CAMERA012S drone WITH CAMERA

Drone’s Specification

You can watch the first flight video learning how to fly

Weight 9.06OZ

Max Flight Time 30 Minutes / Charging Time: about 5 Hours(The power adapter output is 5V / 1~2A, NEVER overcharge.)

Dimension 11.81×10.43×2.55 IN (Unfolding)

Photo Resolution 3840*2160P(Stored on mobile phone)

Max Supported SD Card 64GB (Not Included)

Max Flight Distance 4265feet/1300m(outdoor and unobstructed)

Max FPV Transmission Distance 2625ft/800m(outdoor and unobstructed)

Max Height 394 Feet


Compatible Phone: Must support dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5GHz), and a required operating system of iOS v9.0 (or above) and Android v8.0 (or above).The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration for this drone to fly in the USMicro SD Card: Max 64GB (Card Not Included)

What You Get 1 x 012S Drone & 1 x Remote Control 2 x 7.6V 2600mAh Modular Battery (2 pcs batteries in the case) 1x USB Charging Cable 1 x Screwdriver 4 x Additional Propellers&8x screws 1 x Instructions For Use 1 x Carrying Case

012S drones with 4K camera for adults012S drones with 4K camera for adults

Questions & Answers for 012S Drones

1. Where to download the APP ?

A. Download QR code from our manual

B. Scan the QR code on the side of the 012S drone’s box

2.How to turn on the 012s drone battery power switch?

Short press once, then long press for 5 seconds. (The battery level indicator will be solid)

IMPORTANT: After the battery is successfully started, it is placed in the drone and installed in place, the drone arm light will flash, and there is a sound of starting the drone!

3. How to connect the APP or Wifi ?

Before connecting to the Wifi of the drone, please make sure that the drone and the remote control are connected successfully.

Turn on the mobile phone WLAN, select XiL-GPS-5G-XXXXXX, after the connection is successful.

Open the APP, click the “start” button to start your flight game.

If no, please go back to WLAN first and check if your WIFI is still connected to XiL-GPS-5G-XXXXXX.

4.Where is better to fly drones?

Please go to an open place without a strong magnetic field to fly the drone.

IMPORTANT:Please watch the first flight guide video to complete all calibration procedures before flying.

9.06OZ 6.91oz 20.8 OZ 20.6 OZ

6×3.5×2.36 IN (Folding) 7×5.5×1.6 IN(Folding) 7*3.7*4.1 IN (Folding) 7.6×3.8×4.3 IN IN (Folding)

4K 1080P 4K 4K

Max FPV Transmission Range
2600ft 262ft 9800ft 9800ft

Flight Time
30min 20min 26min 28min

Brushless Motors

Flight condition
Indoors & Outdoors Indoors Outdoors Outdoors

2 Batteries 2 Batteries 2 Batteries 2 Batteries

【4K Camera with Shock Absorber & 5G FPV Transmission】 012S is a camera drones for adults. The UHD 4K camera with Shock Absorption holder enables you to capture UHD pictures(3840×2160); the remote-controlled 90°adjustable lens structure allows you to see the world from a greater perspective, and the 5GHz FPV technology guarantees longer and smooth image transmission.
【Easy to Fly 】Altitude Hold makes the drone hover in the air without throttle control; One Key Take Off/ Landing help get the hang of it quickly and easily.Smart Return to Home free your minds of losing the drone when the battery gets low or it loses signal from the controller.A best drone for beginners!
【Suitable for Beginner Flying】012S drone is equipped with GPS and GLONASS dual-mode global positioning system combined with Optical Flow Positioning keeps the drone hover extremely stably in the air both indoors and outdoors. At the same time has multiple flight modes, the beginner mode is suitable for the first unmanned The first flight operation for the aircraft enthusiast.
【Intelligent Flight Features】 Multiple GPS functions such as Follow Me, Waypoint Flight and Point of Interest enable,free your hands and help you focus on creating beautiful memories; equipped with a portable travel bag, when on vacation, the whole family can enjoy the flight together Creative fun.
【Double Flight Time & Brushless Motor】GPS drones for adults,uses high-quality brushless motors that are more high-performance and more powerful than other drones, even in the wind to maintain a stable flight. The 2 pcs intelligent flight battery can extend the flight time to 60 minutes.
【Instructions for use】: Scan the QR code on the side of the 012S box to download the app or scan the QR code in the instruction manual to download the app;The use environment of the drone should be in an open area of, and there should be no trees and tall buildings to block the flight. Otherwise, the GPS signal will be affected and the drone will not work properly.
【Battery Charging】 Please charge the battery with 5V/1-2A charger, the set does not include a charging plug, you need to bring your own.Charging Time: about 5 Hours